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App simulates franchising environment for those who want to be undertakers



Opening a franchise is several people’s dream. However, the challenges of achieving this dream can slow down entrepreneurs. With this in mind, the Associação Brasileira de Franquias [Brazilian Franchise Association] (ABF) has developed an app in which it is possible to literally learn by playing a game.

"I Want a Franchise” [Quero uma Franquia] is a multiplatform app that works like a game in which people will learn all the steps required to know how the universe of franchising works. The application simulates the environment of a franchise where you can follow the essential steps to analyze and choose a franchise, taking into consideration the fundamental concepts, the legal aspects, the selective processes and, finally, the franchise analysis.

The game is divided into levels and it is still possible to receive a digital certification, which makes the application attractive and exciting. Another positive thing about it is having the content synchronized in the cloud, being able to access all your material on mobile devices and through your computer as well.

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