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Avaré: São Paulo countryside town moves retail chains


Located less than 300 km away from the capital, Avaré, in the countryside of São Paulo, is driven by agriculture, cattle raising, tourism and services. The installation of a sugar cane and alcohol plant in the municipality is only one of the reflections of the town's growth and potential.

It was precisely this potential that was evident in the feasibility study performed by Grupo Ornatus. "We conducted a study to identify which cities have the economic potential and profile to hold a Morana network franchise. Avaré shows up on the list for its development in agriculture and the services sector. Retail in the city is expanding and we also want Morana to be part of this scenario, "explains Marcio Ucha, the company’s Expansion coordinator.

 The town of just over 80 thousand inhabitants has a profile for the installation of a light model franchise. The format was created in 2002 for developing cities with potential consumption and population between 70 thousand and 200 thousand inhabitants. A Morana light store has a 25% lower cost compared to a regular store. This investment difference is made possible by furniture and inventory changes that reduce costs and make the operation leaner. To open a brand’s franchise in this format, the initial investment is of R$ 225 thousand.