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Brazilian retail registers growth in April


The Extended Retail Cielo Index (ICVA) indicates that retail in Brazil increased by 2.1% in April compared to the same period in 2017.

The result of the month was hampered by the calendar, since the month hadn’t one Saturday, strongest day in the retail,.  In addition, in 2018, the Easter week was in March.  In any case, the numbers presented by the index reflect what the retailer observed in its revenue: an increase compared to the previous year.

According to Cielo’s Director of intelligence, Gabriel Mariotto, the ICVA has been maintaining its acceleration trajectory and showing a consistent recovery in recent months, though in a slow pace.

The Extended Consumer Price Index (IPCA), calculated in March by the IBGE, showed a 2.76% increase in the aggregate of the last 12 months, with an improvement compared to March (2.68%). Comparing the IPCA by the sectors and weights of the ICVA, the inflation in the retail expanded in April was 1.1%, having decreased to the one recorded in March (1.5%).

In relation to the regions, a positive highlight was the Central-West and South regions, which presented the greatest evolution among the Brazilian regions.