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Courses are excellent opportunities for those who want to know the franchise system


Associação Brasileira de Franchising [Brazilian Franchising Association] (ABF), the main entity that represents the sector in Brazil, offers several courses for those who want to delve into the subject. In order to expand entrepreneurs’ capacity for the franchise market, the main course offered by the entity, Understanding Franchising, has been available online since the beginning of April.

The courses cover all areas of the sector at different levels. They involve everything from the knowledge necessary to join the franchise system – such as Understanding Franchising – to graduate, through the MBA in Franchise Management, pioneering and unique in Brazil. There are also other course options, such as Franchise Selling Expansion and Franchise Qualification Program.

Those who want to have their own business and see in franchising an investment opportunity may already start getting to know a little more about the sector through the courses available in the market.

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