Grupo Ornatus - Especialista em gestão de franquias. Be our Franchisee Revele sua jornada - Lançamento Verão com Grazi Massafera -  Morana Balonè Love Brands - Three successfull brands gathered to expand

Our Brands

The Grupo Ornatus was created to house successful brands, detect new opportunities and deliver solid business in independent structures. The Group is the franchisor responsible for the management and expansion of brands Morana, Balonè Fashion Bijoux and Little Tokyo. It also participates in Love Brands, a co-branding between Balonè, Puket and Imaginarium.

Become a Franchisee

The Grupo Ornatus is a reference in franchise management. With over 30 years in business, it is one of the most respected groups of franchising. Take part in a company that is on the basis of their DNA the ethics, transparency, respect, commitment and innovation. more about