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Love Brands

Successful brands united to expand.

Three businessmen with the same idea: expand their networks in smaller cities, having to face the challenges of unit installation that alone would not have the same success. So it was like this that the brands Balonč, Imaginarium and Puket decided to join forces and create a unique store with three product mixes - jewelry, creative decoration items and sleepwear and underwear fashion.

With the slogan "multiply the best things in life for three", brands exploit its performance in different segments, at the same time benefiting from their similarities: in common they have the fun concept applied to its products and, consequently, focusing on the relaxed audience. Love Brands was born with the consecration of three leading companies in the areas where they operate. It already have more than 40 stores in operation in Brazil.

Love Brands Love Brands Love Brands


Check the map below to see where the Love Brands stores are in Brazil.