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Find out what the main trends are for global retail in 2018


Do you know the main trends for global retail in the coming year? The Gouvêa de Souza and Ebeltoft groups disclosed an analysis of the innovations coming in 2018. The four major trends are smart shopping, interaction, emotional retail and responsibility. Find out more about each of them.


Smart Shopping

The daily rush, especially for millenials, shall increasingly require brands to provide consumers with immediate feedback. Therefore, there will be a focus on time-optimization solutions, including smart shopping, which requires equally relevant technologies, such as convenient deliveries, subscription plans, agile check-out systems etc. The on-demand concept shall continue to be relevant, according to the report, generating on-demand and increasingly customized manufacturing and production.



Customization is growing stronger in the subject of interaction as people wish to feel special and value their personal purchase experience. By interacting more with the client, brands may offer products and solutions to match their needs, creating relationships and fidelity.


Emotional retail

Consumers want to acquire products from brands that represent them. Opening up space so that consumers may deeply know the brand may help with this process. This may be done, for instance, by creating attractive stores and showrooms with content, but with one advantage: engaged employees that love the brand. They will become brand ambassadors.



Concerns with the environment, people and social responsibility are part of the life of consumers. Supporting a cause in line with the vision and mission of the company helps create this connection with the consumer.

Complete innovations are compiled in the Global Retail Trends & Innovation 2018, available for download on the Gouvêa de Souza website.