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Meet the 20 cities which have increased the most in brands and franchise units in São Paulo


São Paulo is the state with the largest number of franchise networks in Brazil. With a revenue of R$ 29.490 billion in the first half of this year, it had an increase of 11% over the same period last year. But there’s another piece of data as important as this one: the cities from the state of São Paulo which had the largest increase range in networks and unities numbers.

The active brands number range in the state of São Paulo was of 25% during the period evaluated, registering 711 active networks. Campinas appears as the runner-up, with a 20% range and 436 brands. Right next is São José dos Campos finishing in third place, with a 19% range, registering 292 networks. At the fourth place comes Jundiaí, reaching a 17% range, with 271 brands. In fifth place is São Bernardo do Campo, whose range was of 16% and added 280 franchise networks.

“These ABF survey data confirms the growing franchise internalization movement within Brazil and, specifically, in the State of São Paulo. This networks expansion outside large urban centers opens new opportunities for employment and income generation in smaller cities and carries brands with their known products and services so that the local population can easily access them” observes Altino Cristofoletti Junior, president of ABF.

ABF attributes the networks movement increase in the state capital to the following two factors: São Paulo is of fundamental importance for brand strengthening and establishing connections; and reducing costs, especially regarding rent.

Among the municipalities with the highest growth range in franchise units between 2016 and the 1st half of this year, Jundiaí appears first with a 15% range and 451 franchise units currently operating. São José dos Campos presented a 13% range and Piracicaba 12%. The next position is occupied by both Indaiatuba and São Carlos (11%).