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NRF 2018: learn the main trends for retail


Retail's Big Show, better known as NRF, is the largest and main retail event in the world. It is three days of immersion in presenting of cases, trends and good practices. This year, the fair, which always takes place in January in New York, confirmed what many chains were already betting on: customer in the focus of attention, efficiency in service and adherence to new technologies.

See below the highlights and insights pointed out by Jae Ho Lee, CEO of Ornatus Group, and Danilo Assumpção, Expansion Manager of the franchisor, who attended the event this year.

Asia, the center of the world

“What struck me most was the growth of China as an innovative hub and market”, says Lee. Such transformations are changing the view direction of the whole world, which now turns to Asia, in face of a powerful consumer market.

Experiences through technologies

Technologies continue to influence consumption trends. And now they will go even deeper into retail in order to generate more and more experience and make life easier for the consumer. The omnichannel remains in evidence and will be a widely exploited technology around the world.

The trend continues to be the integration of channels, such as physical and digital retail. “However, the retail still discusses the best way to such integration. The quick and easy access to various platforms and digital channels is causing the retail to do some studies and considerations on how to integrate public and market in this new ecosystem of digital transformation”, comments Assumpção.

Customer Service

Excellence in customer service continues to be a major concern of major brands. While technology is important in creating a unique shopping experience for the customer, concern for the consumer as a person is also present. “It's not enough to offer an experience in the physical environment and not worry about the closer and friendlier service at the point of sale”, Lee says.

World Retail Trends

There is no turning back in time. Digital transformation is already present in people's lives. Brands which do not fit will hardly survive. Having a digital presence, being present in different sales channels and means of payments will be fundamental. There is a great tendency for all these channels of communication.


The consumer still wants to feel unique and special and this is not going to change. The brands that want to highlight and gain loyal customers should have more targeted products for each customer. For this, the brands can use the technology to know who their actual consumer is.

Trends to Brazil

The integration of physical and digital is one of the trends with the potential to be more present in Brazil. Shopping online and taking out in the physical store is already a reality in some stores and should be something increasingly common here.

In addition, the customer relationship should be as close as possible. He wants to be seen as unique and wants to have the feeling that the product was made exclusively for him.