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Tips for winning your customers


Attracting customers is the big challenge faced by companies to stay in full operation. For this purpose, some practices are necessary so those who already know your brand always come back and also to bring other people to buy your product.

For this purpose, some questions are crucial: how is your service being provided? What have you done to improve it? What are the differentials of your product? What actions does your company take to attract and retain its target public?

The answers to these questions can help you improve your customer relationship, as well as point out possible slips at the moment of sale or even after-sales. It is important to redouble your attention in a few steps that, when followed, can boost results by winning new customers and transforming the business. Check out!


The motto that says the “first impression is what counts” is valid when it comes to customer service. Those who go shopping and enter your store are willing to invest and sometimes just need a little push to do so. However, if you are not well-treated, they might not buy or return to your establishment.

Receiving everyone who enters your store with sympathy is fundamental, as well as to be available to solve any doubts that may arise. Generating empathy can be decisive at the moment of sale. 

According to the advisor Deborah Simões, to differentiate yourself from the competition you have to make your customer become a fan of your brand so that he can buy, repeat and recommend your establishment. “Our great differential is not just the product. If you do not enchant your client, he will not come back”, she emphasizes.

Aligned team

Investing in courses and aligning your team is necessary so that different information is not passed on to anyone entering your store.

Product knowledge

Knowing what makes your product different from others is very important. And, moreover, to get your customer to understand that. It is not uncommon to find similar articles on the market, but why is yours special? The more you know what you are selling, the better.

Knowing what is fashionable, what is the best way to use a particular piece, show that your product can make a difference to those who buy it, demonstrates that your focus is not only to sell but to make your customer happy and want to come back.


Having the Sale completed still can not be considered a success. The after-sales may be the time you need to retain your customer. Contact them, ask if your product has met their needs and tell them what is new in your store.

Do not forget that people consume your product because they believe in the quality or superiority of it, but more than that, they are guided by the experience and sensations that they had at the time of purchase. Maybe it is the key to your success, isn’t it?